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Tired of unclogging disgusting sink drains? Don’t risk your health! You need this Sink Cleaning Hook!

There’s absolutely no sugar coating the situation, clogged drains are nasty. Not only is it a huge inconvenience in the household, but blocked drains are downright disgusting; swarming with bacteria and encouraging an odor-inducing problem for everyone.

It’s a nuisance that every homeowner will experience at least once in their life and if you don’t sort it out soon, there’s a good chance it’ll bring some health issues along with them on the ride too.

This Sink Cleaning Hook is super easy to operate by yourself instead of asking for an expensive pipe cleaning worker for help!!!

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Made of high-quality materials, durable, flexible, lightweight, safe and non-toxic, it can effectively clear the blockage.


Enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes, great for kitchen, bathroom & utility sinks, bathtubs and showers, Great drain tool for unclogging shower and sink drains, flexes at where most clogs occurred.


  • Drainage hair removal cleaning hook
  • Quick and easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged sewer
  • Use a small hook to hook the hair blockage, immediately remove and drain the drain
  • One end of the loop, easy to operate
  • Just plug in the device and pull it out


Kitchen water pipes, toilets, bathrooms, floor drains, oil clogging, sewage immersed pipes, and other drainage pipes. It won’t harm your drains, pipes or septic system.


The unique design can effectively keep the drainage smooth, make your home cleaner, and provide you and your family with a healthier and more comfortable living environment, which will be a good helper for your life.


  • Widely used in your bathroom, sink, bathtub, dredging pipe, clean drain, sewer and more
  • Product weight: 80g
  • Product Size: 60cm
  • Shipping takes 10 to 25 days

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