Stem Cell Tooth Regeneration Cost

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Did you guys know that stem cells implanted into the gums previously occupied by teeth grow into a new set of teeth within two months? I will let you know how much average of Stem Cell Tooth Regeneration Cost.

Dentures and dental implants may soon become a thing of the past. Stem cell research is making it all possible to regrow your missing teeth! tooth regeneration. This is a much-needed medical advancement, especially considering that by age 74 are 26 percents of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

Stem cells are no ordinary cells. They have the extraordinary ability to multiply and transform into many different various of cells in the body. They repair tissues by dividing continually either as a new stem cell or as a cell with a more specialized job, for instances such as a red blood cell, a skin cell, or a muscle cell.

Stem cell implants will cost you around $2500-3500. The average cost of artificial implants currently ranges from $1000-5000 per tooth and require similar post-op care as tooth extractions do. Discover this info here  stem cells for kids.

Based on a scientific resarch that Odontics has made significant advancements in stem cell tooth regeneration, Dr. Jeremy Mao, the Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, has also made significant progress using a growth factor-covered, three-dimensional scaffold. Dr. Mao has developed a way to guide stem cells to the scaffold, where a tooth then grows and attaches to the surrounding tissue in as little as nine weeks.

As a result, this technology, referred to as cell-homing-based tooth regeneration, alleviates the need to prepare stem cells in an external environment, such as a Petri dish. Columbia University is in the process of patenting this technology.