Economic Disadvantages of Stem Cell Research

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Economi Disadvantages of Stem Cell Research is one thing that must be in our mind in order to keep moving forward in the current future treatment of the disease. We must count the benefits and the disadvantages of stem cell research in order to calculate the accuracy of stem cell research and minimize the cost and the the economic disadvantages of stem cell research. Same as the other research, stem cell research is also full of uncertainty, This research may discover new technology and treatments. However, these may not be an effective solution to all ailments or diseases. Just like other types of research, stem cell research may pose unpleasant effects and negative interference with nature and other elements. Stem cell research revealed that stem cell is ideal for patient with heart disease however; other studies have found out that this can make arteries narrower.

There have been arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of stem cell research. No wonder, these have become one of the highly debated until now, topics of the stem cells research are expected to rage continuously and furiously. However, it is still essential for people to have knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of stem cell research for them to have an idea about the benefits and negative impacts this brings.

Since the 1970’s,stem cells have been advertised as a potential treatment to treat any and almost all of serious illness. Due To the cell’s unlimited proliferation potential, researchers believe that stem cells can be used to treat a number of major diseases that are currently untreatable and cost the U.S. billions of dollars. Examples Of such diseases include diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’S disease, some of the most prevalent and expensive diseases within the United States and all over the world. At present, there are no marketable stem cell products that have been released, and so the majority of stem cell companies are still in research stages. Our Task is to determine whether it is beneficial to invest into these researching individuals or to take a more indirect approach and support other aspects of the life sciences field. In Order to create a beneficial economic stimulus to Massachusetts,The money that is to be invested must ideally cause a return either in the form of new jobs opportunities,large tax returns, or a profit from the investment. It was if we see from the economic aspect and economic side, but if we see from the prospective of the treatment, the cost of the stem cells research will decrease the cost of treatment for all of the people in all over the world, hope that this research will keep moving forward in order to found a new way of treatment to treat the disease especially patients with serious illnesses in all over the world.