youtube videos funny beat charlie bit my finger!

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Did you still remember youtube video of Charlie bit my finger? Yes they are all grown up. From that video, they got more than $500000 within 5 years, its crazy aye!

My Asian friend has been collected videos for ages and she found a video which had similar to Charlie’s video story, it was about a baby bit her sister’s knees, it was accidentally happened when they made a video for saying goodbye to “their aunty” who was moved from Sydney to Perth. After we watched that video, we found a note at the end of the video that its made on July 2011.

We have no clue whether this video will beat Charlie or not. Let see how it goes…

Hmm…………. Whatever it is, all about baby, they are all funny human!

Here it is the video of Luvina bit my knees, ough!

The morale message from this video is, The bond of sisterhood is a bond that can not be broken, but one that should be cherished