WIFI hotspot app for iphone

WIFI Hotspot app for iPhone

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is already contained in your iPhone WIFI feature, so you can directly activate iPhone WIFI network settings without having to use the application, and you can also use your iPhone to create a personal hotspot while the steps as below:

Set Up and Use iPhone Personal Hotspot
Step 1

Introduction to iPhone Personal Hotspot

Did you ever been stuck in a situation where you need to get a device online but there’s no nearby Wi-Fi? As long as you’ve got an iPhone with a 3G or 4G data connection with you, your problem can be easily solved using Personal Hotspot.

WIFI hotspot app for iphone

Personal Hotspot is a feature of iOS that lets iPhones running iOS 4.3 and higher share their wireless data connection with other nearby devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB (the feature is also referred to by its generic name, tethering).

Tethering is not unique to the iPhone. It is not only available on many cellulars but also smartphones that can access the internet. As long as the user has the right software and a participating data plan from a cellular company, it allows the user to connect their phone to a computer and use the phone’s cellular internet connection to provide wireless, always-on connectivity to the computer. The iPhone supports tethering using WIFI, Bluetooth and USB.

In this scenario, the iPhone acts like a wireless router for the other devices, transmitting and receiving data for them. An iPhone 4 or newer is required for Wi-Fi connections, though an iPhone 3GS can offer Bluetooth and USB connections.

Using this feature is pretty much easier once you’ve got it set up. It requires an iPhone with an active data plan, as well as the tethering option added to that plan, this can be added to your plan thru your online account with your phone company.

To begin setting up your Personal Hotspot, tap on the Settings icon on your home screen unless you’ve moved it elsewhere. If so, locate it there and tap on it. In iOS 6 or lower, tap on General, then tap Network.
In iOS 7 or higher, the process is a bit simpler then after tapping Settings, you simply tap Personal Hotspot.

Step 2
Choose Set Up Personal Hotspot

If you’re running iOS 7, or have already used tethering on your device, you can skip this step.
Otherwise, about halfway down the screen, you will see a button labeled Set Up Personal Hotspot (it will only read this before you’ve set one up the first time. Once you’ve done that, it will simply read Personal Hotspot). Tap it!
If you haven’t added the service to your iPhone’s data plan, or don’t already have tethering enabled on your account, you will see a pop-up instructing you to add it. Do this by calling your cell phone carrier or adding the service via your web-based account.

Step 3
Turn On Personal Hotspot

Once you’ve added the tethering service to your data plan, you’ll just need to turn it on and start using it.
In iOS 7 and higher, go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot and simply move the slider so the green is showing. Personal Hotspot will start up.
In iOS 6 and earlier, tap Settings -> Network -> Personal Hotspot. Move the Personal Hotspot slider to ON.

Step 4
Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

By default, Personal Hotspot is set to allow connections over USB only. When you turn the feature on, you will see this pop-up asking if you would like to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to allow for wireless connections to your phone. If you do, and you probably will, in most cases, tap Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
When other devices want to connect to your Personal Hotspot via Wi-Fi, they’ll use their standard method of connecting to a new Wi-Fi network

Step 5
Personal Hotspot Connection Established

And with that, you are done setting up your Personal Hotspot and ready to let others connect to it. As noted previously, the connection process is the same as is used with other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks.
The password listed on this screen is the one you will give to people connecting to your hotspot thru Wi-Fi to allow them access. If you want to change that password, tap the password field and edit it on the next screen.
To let others connect to your phone, tell them to turn on Wi-Fi and look for the name of your phone (as shown on the Personal Hotspot screen). They should select that network and enter your hotspot password. When they’re connected to your phone, you will see a blue bar at the top of your screen and, in iOS 7, if your screen is locked a number next to the chain icon that indicates how many devices are connected to you.

One thing to remember: unlike traditional Wi-Fi, your Personal Hotspot uses your monthly data from your iPhone data plan, which offers a limited amount of data. Signing up for tethering gives you more data (often at least 2GB/month), but that can quickly be used up if you are streaming video or doing other bandwidth-intensive tasks. So, be wise about what you use tethering for and it might be a good idea to learn how to check your data use so you don’t accidentally go over your limit and have to pay extra.

Keep on trying! Have Fun, Folks!