Where are stem cells found in adults

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Where-are-stem-cells-found-in- adults

Where are stem cells found in adults ? in adults there’s so many source of stem cell that can be found, we will try to understand it from the definition of stem cells in adults first.

Stem cells in adults are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the human body after development, that multiply by cell division to regenerate dying cells and damaged tissues. Also known as somatic stem cells which can be found in juvenile as well as adult animals and human bodies.

Stem cells in adults. These stem cells are found in small numbers in most adult tissues, such as bone marrow or fat. Compared with embryonic stem cells, stem cells in adults have a more limited ability to give rise to various cells of the body.

Nowadays, researchers thought stem cells in adults could create only similar types of cells. For instance, researchers thought that stem cells residing in the bone marrow could give rise only to blood cells.

However, emerging evidence suggests that stem cells in adults may be able to create unrelated types of cells. For instance, bone marrow stem cells may be able to create bone or heart muscle cells. This research has led to early-stage clinical trials to test usefulness and safety in patients. For example, stem cells in adults are currently being tested in patients with neurological or heart disease.

Where are stem cells in adults found, and what do they normally do?

Stem cells in adults have been identified in many organs and tissues, including brain, bone marrow, peripheral blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin, teeth, heart, gut, liver, ovarian epithelium, and testis. They are thought to reside in a specific area of each tissue (called a “stem cell niche”). In many tissues, current evidence suggests that some types of stem cells are pericytes, cells that compose the outermost layer of small blood vessels. Stem cells may remain quiescent (non-dividing) for long periods of period until they are activated by a normal need for more cells to maintain tissues, or by disease or tissue injury. Here you will know about Where do stem cells come from in the Human Body to justify in between… or in here.