What is a Stem Cell Lineage

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           Good day good people…see again here in the next article about stem cells, for now…we will talk about what is a stem cell lineage, before we discuss it further more, we must know first the meaning of each word from the title, the meaning of stem cell has already been discuss before, do all of you are familiar with the word lineage ?,
Lineage in biology dictionary means the term that used to describe cells with commone ancestry, that is developing from the same type of identifiable immature cell. The descendants of one individual, his entire lineage has been warriors. (http://www.biology-online.org/dictionary/Cell_lineage).

Stem cell lineage and identity

To ensure self-renewal, stem cells devided into two types of cell division, Symmetric division gives rise to two identical daughter cells both present with stem cell properties. Asymmetric division, on the other hand, produces only one stem cell and a progenitor cell with limited self-renewal potential. Progenitors can go through several rounds of cell division before terminally differentiating into a mature cell. It is possible that the molecular distinction between asymmetric and symmetric divisions lies in differential segregation of cell membrane proteins (for example receptors) between the daughter cells.
An alternative theory is that stem cells remain undifferentiated due to environmental cues in their particular niche. Stem cells differentiate when they leave that niche or no longer receive those signals. Studies in Drosophila germarium have identified the signals decapentaplegic and adherens junctions that prevent germarium stem cells from differentiating.