What Are Stem Cells Used For In Your Body

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There’s many kind of used from stem cells in our human body, it can be used in all over our body to reduce illnesses and reduce the need for organt transplantation, or even surgeries, because the ability of the stem cells to change into other types of cells, depend on where they are needed to be repaired, we called it regenerative medicine.

It’s all because of stem cells can become bone, muscle, cartilage and other specialized types of cells,therefore, they have the potential to treat many diseases,from many part of the human body including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer. They also may be used to regenerate organs, reducing the need for organ transplants and related surgeries.

Stem cells is like a baby that can be what ever they want, depend on where the environment is, if they are in a heart, they can be a heart muscles, if they are in liver, they can be a liver ,too. It can be whatever it is in all over our body to regenerate all of the part of our body that needed to be regenerated. Embryonic and fetal stem cells have the potential to morph into a greater variety of cells than adult stem cells.


Prior to being transplanted into a person’s tissue to begin regeneration of that tissue, stem cells have to go through differentiation. Differentiation is the process by which scientists pre-specialize the stem cells.

These cells are then injected into the area of the body being targeted for tissue regeneration. When stem cells come into contact with growth chemicals in the body, the chemicals program the stem cells to grow into the tissue surrounding it.

The example of the capability of the stem cells used for in our body :
 Organ and tissue regeneration
 Cardiovascular disease treatment
 Brain disease treatment
 Cell deficiency therapy
 Blood disease treatments

And many more, it really use full for our body instead of using chemical things in our medication, stem cell is more powerful to make people cured from their disease because of the capability of itself to be other cells that can grow like a baby, with it’s nature health.