Tuftex deck drain

Tuftex deck drain review

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Tuftex deck drain
Tuftex deck drain

For your reference that The TUFTEX Deck Drain system will keep the area under your deck dry and looking great. This complete deck drainage system will divert water away from any under deck area to create a dry, usable patio or storage area under an elevated deck.

Also, TUFTEX DeckDrain will add value to your home by turning your under deck space into a great place to enjoy shaded comfort while keeping your furnishings and yard equipment clean and dry.

In fact, the TUFTEX DeckDrain panels are designed with a corrugated octagonal-wave profile to provide channels for the water to drain. The panels are usually opaque and available in tan or white color. The panels can be purchased in 8, 10, or 12 feet lengths. The panels are made from their most weather-resistant vinyl material.

The TUFTEX DeckDrain system consists of TUFTEX DeckDrain panels, slope brackets, and TUFTEX DeckDrain Fasteners.


Here are some of the benefits of installing TUFTEX DeckDrain under your deck:

– Creates a bright, cool and dry space that can be used as an entertainment area year round.
– Can be used as a play area for children or pets.
– Provides additional protected storage for lawn and garden tools, lawn furniture, grills, and firewood.
– Inhibits standing water and moisture, which helps deter mold, erosion, and insect breeding.
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