Tuff Toys For Dogs

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Puppies love to play and chew. And  adult dogs too. There are so many toys and treats in the market, how do we know which one that we want to  choose? especially if we want to choose tuff toys for dogs, our beloved pets. Safety must the thing that we think first. Because choosing toys for dogs are  different with choosing toys for toddler. Toys can be danger too. These are three things that make toys may not be safe for dogs:
1. Broken teeth
2. Choking
3. Swallowing parts
These three things are most care full for dog’s safety.

Tuff Toys For Dogs

Next thing to consider is the durability. Because of playing is a must for dogs and there are no such thing like indestructible dog toys, having toys that aren’t so easily breakable is a plus. Tuff toys for dogs need more that just “safe for dogs” . It needs to have the ability to satisfy chewing habit and not easily break of / tear of. And most often, dog toys break because chewing activity.

Well, these are some tips to make your dog toys last longer and becoming tuff toys:

1. Choose the right size. Try bigger size, so dogs will need extra effort if they plan to munch the toys for good. Hard chewing is happen in the back jaw. So toys that has appropriate size, or rounds shape with correct size, won’t reach to the back jaw of your dogs. As a rule make sure the chew toy is larger in size than the distance between your dogs back molars when measuring across the jaw.

2. Sort out your dog toys. Right toys in the right moment and the right place. Toys from fabrics are not to be played out door. Balls are better to be played out side or in a wider space area so your dogs will have the chance to chase the ball before chew it couple of times. Having some toys to rotate are good too. It will give some moment to rest for the toys, and will also give some variation to your dogs so they won’t get bored.

3. Knows your dogs. Find out what kind of player your dogs are. How they chew the toys, are they using their front teeth or always want to use their back jaw. Not all dogs need a heavy duty tuff toys. Only if you found that your dogs are so obsessed by chewing and chewing and chewing, then perhaps you need a special indestructible toys for them.

Have fun with your dogs 🙂

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