Toys For Smart Dogs

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For those who have an active dogs, toys that can expand your dog’s attention will be a good help. Interactive toys will provide mental stimulation and an outlet for excess energy. It will keep your dog busy occupied for long periods of time.

The best toys for smart dogs is like a brain teaser products. Food dispensing toys, for example. It’s the kind of toys wich you can place your dog’s entire meal inside the toy. The dog can see and smell the food, but must do extra work to get the food. Treats are realease as the toy is played with. Some toys the dogs need to rolled the toy to certain position, some other need to be slided to the other side, or else the dog need to take off the the lid that cover the food under it. Some smart toys even can give a different difficulty level based on what treats you use inside it.


Dogs need to use their brains. They love to investigate, solve puzzles and learn how to do new things just as much as we do. The benefit to give your dog a proper smart toys to play with, are:
-Will make your dog as tired as outdoor exercise if you pick the right ones for your dog
-Are great in inclement weather to help keep your dog from driving you nuts
-Give dogs with physical limitations a way to spend their time and energy
-Help you bond (if the activity is one you do with the dog – some are for the dogs only)

What are you waiting for? Start using toys that give good stimulation to your dogs, you will suprise then to see that your dog is more setled, less restless and ess hyperactive.