Toys For Blind Dogs

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Blindness in dogs could happen for many reasons. It’s probably a blindness from birth or later on when the dogs grew older because of accident or illness. But whatever the cause is, they will need to learn to adapt in slowly Dogs with SARDS go blind virtually overnight, and a happy helping master will be needed because becoming blind in less that 24 hours is surely harder to adapt than gradual blindness.


When dogs turn blind, they will learn to optimize their sense of hearing and smell. We can help them to make the process more fun and interactive by using toys for blind dogs. Basically, it’s just like toys for other dogs, but try to choose toys that will stimulate those two senses left: hearing and smelling. Some type of toys that maybe you want to try for your blind dogs are: treats dispensing toys and make some noise toys. With treat dispensing toys, blind dogs need to use their smell sense to find where the treats are. While toys with noisy will tell the dog which way to run, in order to get the noisy toys. In case you can’t find that kind of toy in your town, try to look for toys for blind children. It has the same purpose and with more safety standard.

Being blind doesn’t mean that the dog should stop playing and having fun. In fact, if the health of the rest of the dog is good, then blind dogs can lead fairly normal lives. So… have fun and play with your blind dogs 🙂