Toy Cash Register McDonalds

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Pretend play in childhood is a vital component for child development. It gives a good chance for children to learn how to communicate, social skill, art of negotiation, making some ideas, explore their emotional feeling, curiosity and courage, etc. They learn to play together with others. And for some parent that doesn’t really like to see their children acting like Cinderella or some other princess play, pretend shopping play is one of the alternatives that definitely will make your children exited.


What is the benefit of shopping pretend play anyway? Well, they learn about “what money can buy’ off course. But not just that, children will learn how to make some decisions, whether to buy this or that, they start to think about profit, about display store, etc. It’s just fantastic. Especially if they have this McDonald toy cash register McDonald. I mean, kids now days, who doesn’t know about Mc Donald? Everything about Mc Donald is so close with children, and that make them easier to having fun playing.

Can your children imagine how does it feels to become the man behind the cashier, in Mc D? Well with this pretend toys, they will know it. This cashier toy makes counting is fun and children will realize that we’re using math most of the time, especially when do the shopping 🙂 The toys are a calculator, it has drawer to keep all the money from pretend costumers, and there’s a place to slide credit card, and some burger for transaction 🙂 Just the perfect cash register toys for your children.