Thomas the Train Toys for Toddler

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Good day buddy! Toddlers are always wanting to move & in this fast-paced world, Thomas & Friends toys encourage little ones to slow down a bit. Thomas & Friends toys feature well-crafted tracks and landscape features, plus brightly colored toy trains that look like Thomas the Tank Engine and the other characters toddlers know and love. Little ones will develop motor skills, storytelling ability, and problem solving when they play with Thomas train sets and explore the online videos and activities. I reckon that every toddler knows and loves this friendly little train. Yep, Thomas and friends in the island of Sodor. If your children love Thomas, then no doubt they will be excited with this Thomas the train toys for toddlers ” The Train Motion Control Thomas. “

Firstly, to activate the motion control you need to simply press the train’s dome. The train will follow instruction from gestures of the hand or using the crossing sign which is included in the toy set.
Secondly, to send Thomas on its way, just make waving gesture across Thomas’ roof. Thomas will move forward or backward following the waving direction. The Thomas motion control train will avoid obstacle by reversing, turning around or stopping dead on the track.

There are also several gamemodes by pressing the blue dome. In fact, by pressing the dome again it will activate “Thomas says” mode. Kids would be taught what to do by Thomas where the train wants to go in a certain direction. Please remember to make sure you hear the phrase “Thomas says” before commanding to the direction.

However by pressing Thomas’s dome for the third time will reset Thomas and activates will on hidden mode called the “Race Mode”, just wave your hand multiple times above Thomas’s roof to start it, when it’s ready it’ll automatically takeoff by itself so kids could chase it down and see who is the fastest.

Well, there are also cons to the toy itself like it slows down on the carpet, requires 4 big AA batteries, and a bit loud.