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The best Fisher Investments Books

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fisher investments books

These two belows are Fisher Investments Books:

1. By demolishing so many wealth-destroying myths, Ken Fisher has performed a priceless service for investors at a time when
they need all the help they can get. A huge amount of what most investors believe is actually wholly or partially untrue—utter market myth leading to, at times, costly errors. In The Little Book of Market Myths, CEO and bestselling author Ken Fisher questions everything.

2. Bestselling author Ken Fisher’s new book goes back to his roots to cover how you can be a crowd-beating contrarian investor.
Many misunderstand contrarianism. They believe it means doing the opposite of everyone else. If the masses are bullish, the contrarians are bearish, and vice versa – Beat the crowd by Kenneth L. Fisher (Author), Elisabeth Dellinger (Author)

Mainstream investors are wrong more often than right. Most folks intuitively know this, and statistics and studies back it up. How can you buck the trend and be right more often than wrong? It is highly recommend to read this book!

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