The best 5 self help books

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The best 5 self help books

The best 5 self help books will change permanently your life:

1. “The Breakout Principle“. This audio book got my friend through her divorce. She used the principle of “severing” immediately when she found herself going into a trauma cycle by drawing a picture (changing my state) or going for a walk or taking a shower. It also taught her (through legit scientific examples of functional MRI) that when you work your brain intensely, by giving it a break, you’re giving yourself a chance for the “a-ha” moments to come to the fore.

2. “Awaken the Giant Within“ by Goofy Tony Robbins. He’s ridiculous, sure, but he’s also boiled down a ton of cognitive theory about how to change your interior world view, and he gives incredible motivation that can offer critical fuel in the very toxic at times world we live in.

3. “The Secret“. Take it with a major grain of salt. All I know is that when I started employing the whole law of attraction hocus pocus, I saw results again and again. Is it placebo? Fine. I’ll take it. Are people responsible for their own cancer? No!. That’s looney-pants.

4. “You Can Heal Your Life” and “You Can Heal Your Life: Workbook“ It is my favorite. My absolute favorite. I bought this book for people on the street sometimes. If you don’t change the way you talk to yourself or continue slogging yourself down with criticism… nothing will change.

5. “The Road Less Traveled“. This book almost made me break down it hurt so much at times to read. All of the advice the author gives to parents for teaching children about their inherent value above all else, and categorizing the two fundamental neuroses of the world
(you either think YOU are responsible for all the world’s problems or you think the WORLD is responsible for yours) — hit spot on.
No one said self-awareness and looking within was easy, No one!… but it’s worth the discomfort. I’m truly promises 🙂

Enjoy Folks! 🙂