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The 3 Best Stephen King books

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stephen king books

I wanna reviewing the 3 Best Stephen King books, here they are:

1. The original draft for The Stand was so long that printing presses were literally unable to handle it, forcing King to cut out a large chunk of the book, the story of a super virus called Captain Trips that wipes out about 99 percent of the planet. The survivors come together in two camps and wage the ultimate war of good against evil. It’s a crazily ambitious book, but King executed it flawlessly. The uncut version came out in 1990, and four years later ABC turned it into a miniseries. There’s been talk for years about a proper movie or even a series of movies but neither has yet to happen.

2. King’s 1986 novel, IT has caused more people to fear clowns than perhaps any movie, book or TV show in history. It is an epic story, spread across three decades, about a group of Maine friends that battle a demented clown named Pennywise who lives in their town’s sewers. They think they kill him in the 1950s, but 30 years later they are forced to reunite for a final battle. At 1,142 pages, it is one of King’s longest books, but many people find themselves reading it in a matter of days.

3. King and his young family moved to Colorado for a brief period in the mid-1970s, and when they were out there they spent a night at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The place was about to close up for the winter, and King spent time wandering around the nearly empty building all by himself. He imagined would it be like spending the entire winter trapped inside, and the idea for The Shining came to him almost at once. At the time, he was struggling with a pretty bad drinking problem, and this became a major element of the plot. Stanley Kubrick adapted the story for the big screen in 1980, and it over time it has become a beloved classic, though King has been very vocal about his distaste for this version.

Happy reading mate! 🙂