suntek window film

Suntek window film review

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suntek window film
suntek window film

SunTek is the brand name for window films manufactured by Commonwealth Laminating and Coating INC and has been in business for over 19 years. SunTek Window Films have been distributed for professional window film use for 18 years. SunTek Automotive Window Films drive performance and profits by providing dealers with the unique opportunity to offer their customers a superior product at a competitive price.

Their Residential/Commercial product line has been available for the entire history of the company, we just had a limited product offering. Our product line started with Symphony, Infinity and Silver. Since that time, we have added two new product lines, Ultra-Vision and DRDS, as well as several Specialty films.

suntek window film automotive
suntek window film automotive

Furthermore, SunTek Automotive Window Films also offer:

High impact marketing materials and programs
A complete product line, available in several colors and shades,
that matches factory tint and enhances the look of any vehicle
Easy installation, including heat shrinkability, adhesion, and dry time
Superior solar performance including heat and UV rejection, as
well as glare reduction
Exceptional optical clarity
Increased safety and protection
A competitive Manufacturer’s Warranty

What type of longevity or weather testing does SunTek conduct on new products?

Suntek do several things to ensure the long-term stability of our new products:

1. When creating new products, whenever possible, Suntek use raw materials and coatings that are tried and proven. Most of the raw materials and coatings that they use in new products have been previously used in our other product lines. However, they are just used in different combinations. One of their strengths is that they can find innovative ways to create different combinations of tried and proven raw materials to create new products.This drastically limits the risk associated with longevity problems.
2. Suntek also do accelerated weather testing at their factory.
3. During all new product launches, they start with limited and controlled sales. During this time period they receive a significant amount of input from the field and monitor the products’ performance. Once they have determined there is very little risk associated with the product, they formally introduce it to our entire dealer base.
4. Lastly, they stand behind all of our products. SunTek has one of the best, and most comprehensive, manufacturer’s warranties in the industry.

Well I have been used Suntex for almost 5 years and never had problem! So really recommend this stuff for everyone.. 🙂