Special Agent Oso Toys

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My kids were amazed when they saw this toy for the first time!

The Special Agent Oso is one of their favorite serial movie, indeed! They are really adore Oso and pretty well in memorized it, too. No wonder The Special Agent Oso toys made them so happy!

I reckon that the Special Agent Oso toys should be inside your children’s toy box. Oso is Spanish word for bear, the toy is a stuffed bear represenedt as a special agent that helps children who in trouble. The movie teaches our kids how to do everything properly in three special steps. Before buy this toy, I recommend to watch its serial first, so you know the serial’s introduction then you are able to explain how to play Oso to your children.

It’s more fun if you already knew their team. The three special step will make you easy to play it.
Introducing their team, a Paw pilot, a computerized assistant who always guides Oso through all the 3 special steps during the time he help kids to solve their daily problems. Then Mr Dos, he is Oso’s boss who gave assignment to Special agent Oso. And the others: Professor Buffo, Special agent Musa, Whirly Bird, RR Rapide, Shutterbug, Special agent Dotty, and special agent Wolfie.

They also have different variety of toys that might suit to your children’s age.
If under the age of 1, plushtoys is the most suitable with bright yellow color, the Oso bear look so eye catchy. For children above 1, there are the Whirly Bird, Snowmobile Training Pack, Paw Pilot, Submarine Training Pack, Wolfie’s Motor Boat, and RR Rapide Command Center, etc.

Special Agent Oso Toys

If you decide to buy this toy, do not forget to understand their three special steps first!

Have fun Buddy!