My Little Pony Shining Armor Toy

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This my little pony Shining Armor toy is probably the only male pony that also ready as toy. Shining Armor is Twilight Sparkle’s big brother, and also married with Princess Cadence. The story about their marriage is one of the favorites serial, because it has more than 1 episode and has a beautiful aria song. If your children love this character, I believe these toys will be loved by them.

1. The Royal Wedding Castle Playset.
Your children can set up the wedding ceremony for Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, by placing the piano and all the accessories, and also open the gate door for the guess to come in. It has small parts and perhaps will be easily to get lost in the toy box. But surely, it’s fun to play, with those accessories.


2. Pony Wedding Set.
This is a great little figure set of: Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadence. Suitable just for those who can play with feeling and be gently during play. It’s more likely collectible item. Well, even though your children won’t be having difficulty making the story and play with the toys.


3. Friendship is magic favorite collection.
It’s collection set, but can be played as well. This collection set has Queen Chrysalis, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Diamond Tiara, Derpy, lyra Heartstrings, and Lyrica Lilac. Just perfect for collection.


4. Shining Armor Collectible item
Well, its just Shining Armor figurine toy. You need to buy the other ponies so the show can begin.


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