My Little Pony Princess Celestia Toy

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Compare to the other toy figurine from this series, maybe my little Pony princess celestia toy the pink one is the most disturbing. With pink color, and a too girly sound that comes out, if your children old enough to understand the movie series, I’m pretty sure they won’t like the toy.

Here’s why :

First, princess celestia is suppose to be white color. Despite that it look more beautiful in pink, white makes her look gorgeous and wise.
Beside., pink is more like Pinky Pie. Just like blue is for Rainbow Dash.

my little pony princess celestia toy purple

Second, Princess Celestia is the ruler of a kingdom, Equestria kingdom. She should be wise and gorgeous and smart. But by talking like these, she just like a grown up pony that like to play around.
“You’re beautiful!”
“My barrettes look so pretty!”
“Oh, my hair looks beautiful.”
“I love when you comb my hair!”
“My wings are so pretty!”

Its just not princess celestia at all. The real celestial never. Said such a word like that. Instead, she often said:
“My faithful student”
“That’s quite alright, Thank you”
“Congratulation ”
“I knew you can do it”
Sentences that encourage others to do good, and to believe in self.
What a pity.

If your children are kind of sensitive or already aware about the story, just don’t by this little pony princess celestia pink toy.
Try to find a bit harder, you’ll found the real Princess Celestia toy, the white one. Although it can’t talk like the wrong princess Celestia, but it’s okay, they don’t talk right either. Your children will have more fun playing with the real toy.

my little pony princess celestia toy white

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