My Little Pony Equestria Girl Toy

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If you curious how it would be, if the ponies became human, well, this Equestria Girl is the answer.
With all the same characters and name, the only different is that, they’re human, despite the colorful body, pink, purple,yellow, orange, and blue šŸ˜€
And if you love the movie serial, I think these My Little Pony Equestria Girl toys will be perfect for you.

Which one do you adore the most? Or maybe you think that you have a bit similarity in personality with one of th equestria girl?
Mine is Pinkie Pie and, Apple Jack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, ups.. I like all of them, i guess šŸ˜€
This is one of my reasons why I like my little ponies. Every body is special. With plus and minus, they fulfill all the solution and solved the problems together.


About the toys, they come with so many choices. Rainbow Dash with Guitar, with different wardrobe.
These Equestria girls doll comes with very fashionable outfit, and it’s sold separately. You probably need to hunt for the models, because every character has more than one out fit. There’s Applejack with country girl down-to-earth style; Applejack with guitar, and rainbow rocks.
Well, so does the other equestria girls, just google by its name on the net, and check your collection, which equestria dolls you haven’t got yet šŸ™‚

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