Losing weight fast in 4 days

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The accumulation of fat in the body so the problems faced by many people today. There are some suggestions on how reduce the fat in the body. One of them is with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Well, here we presented an amazing drink that can melt your fat in just 4 days. Let’s refer to an interesting review below.

Some materials are required:

8 glasses of water
1 tsp grated ginger
One cucumber
One lemon
12 mint leaves

How to make :

1. Take the cucumber, peeled and grated.
2. squeezed a lemon
3. Then mashed 12 mint leaves until smooth and keep it in a separate dish.
4. Mix the ingredients with 1 tsp whole grated ginger, then put into the ice and let the whole cupboard overnight.
5. Put into 8 glasses of water in the morning.
6. Drinking this juice during the day, whenever you feel thirsty.
7. Do it for a minimum of 4 days in a row to melt the fat in your body.

You have to exercise regularly to avoid accumulation of unwanted fat in the body. Good luck! Source: G+