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John Green books into movies

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The two books from John Green which had been into movies are The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. For those aching to see more of John Green’s work on the big screen post-The Fault In Our Stars (movie), and here is The book of The Fault In Our Stars. In 2014, The Paramount had been signed actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley to adapt Green’s first novel Looking for Alaska into a movie.

looking for alaska

Here is the details about movie “Looking for Alaska” :

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The book, which was published in 2005, centers on Miles, a young boy starting at a boarding school where he meets the beautiful and troubled Alaska Young, who captivates him along with most of the other boys at school. Unsurprisingly, considering this is a John Green story, there’s also a good deal of tragedy in Alaska.

Looking For Alaska will mark the third Green book to move to the big screen, as Paper Towns, his 2008 novel, is also set to be adapted by the same producers and screenwriters who worked on The Fault in Our Stars. All in all, it’s a great time to be a John Green fan.

Well, looking for Alaska’s book is about if you have a child going to boarding school a very soon, goes there now or has gone there, as my friend’s son did, you must read LOOKING FOR ALASKA. If you want to understand the loneliness, happiness, mischief, joy, sorrow, sadness and a few other emotions of a teenager, you must read LOOKING FOR ALASKA. However, if you are convinced your teenager will not mature until much later, I reckon you better not read ALASKA. If you are concerned about the experiences that your teenager might have, do not read ALASKA. If you are a teenager, read this book!

I suppose it’s not a book just for young adults but you’ll certainly feel younger after reading it! Yea like me.. 😛
John Green’s other books are good too. I especially enjoyed The Fault in our Stars 🙂