Jack Reacher books in order

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Jack Reacher books in order is provided from 1997 until 2015. It is hardcover, Paperback and Kindle.

jack reacher books in order

You know about Jack Reacher, huh?
Jack Reacher is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of books by British author Jim Grant, who writes under the pen name of Lee Child. A former Major in the United States Army Military Police Corps, Reacher quit at age 36, and roams the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations.
A feature film starring Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher was released on 21 December 2012, and the sequel “Never Go Back” is in the making.

HERE, you can find The Jack reacher books in order..  In my opinion, here it is the top 5 of Jack Reacher’s books :

5. 61 Hours
The “61 hours” concept was just fantastic. I thought I read Jack Reacher books fast – but this one I finished in about 61 minutes! I just couldn’t put it down, with that countdown pushing you in. The plot setup is excellent, and this is among the upper echelon of Jack Reacher novels.

Fave quotes :
# “Never forgive, never forget. Do it once and do it right. You reap what you sow. Plans go to hell as soon as the first shot is fired. Protect and serve. Never off duty.”
# “I’m not afraid of death. Death’s afraid of me.”

4. Bad Luck and Trouble
As a stand-alone novel it wouldn’t crack the top 5; but having read all of the other Reacher books this one is a nice change, and I’ve always liked it more because of that. Reacher is not the lone wolf here – teaming up with some of his old Military buddies. Plus it has one of the most memorable scenes on the sidewalk where the guy pulls out his gun to shoot Reacher. Lee Childs writing of that scene is right up there with Stephen Hunters early writings of Bob Lee Swagger.

Fave quotes:
# “Slippery slope. I carry a spare shirt, pretty soon I’m carrying spare pants. Then I’d need a suitcase. Next thing I know, I’ve got a house and a car and a savings plan and I’m filling out all kinds of forms.”
# “Now they broke my toothbrush, I don’t own anything.”

3. Worth Dying For
The “sequel” or second part to 61 hours. Reacher kills a guy by punching him in the heart so hard his heart stops. Need I say more? A much more violent and action-packed novel, but which still leads to a very nice and emotional ending.

Fave quote:
“Enough, a person might say, if that person lived in the civilized world, the world of movies and television and fair play and decent restraint. But Reacher didn’t live there. He lived in a world where you don’t start fights but you sure as hell finish them, and you don’t lose them either, and he was the inheritor of generations of hard-won wisdom that said the best way to lose them was to assume they were over when they weren’t yet.”

2. Killing Floor
It’s amazing to think how far the Jack Reacher character has evolved, yet Killing Floor set up a tremendous base for him. To think this was Lee Childs debut novel back in 1997, yet all this time later it still stands up. Just fantastic writing, and it’s no wonder it won so many awards.

Fave quote:
# “I worked thirteen years, got me nowhere. I feel like I tried it their way, and to hell with them. Now I’m going to try it my way.”
# “Shotguns and children don’t mix.”
# “I’d never believed in luck. Never had any cause to. Never relied on it, because I never could.”

1. Persuader
I’m a very easy going guy, and I respect other peoples opinion. Except when it comes to the best Jack Reacher novel of all time – because that one is Persuader without a shadow of a doubt

Fave quotes :
# “I don’t care about the little guy. I just hate the big guy. I hate big smug people who think they can get away with things.”
# “Now you had one come back, Harley.”

Reacher is a great Author! Happy reading Folks! 🙂