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I had been used iPhone 5S for almost two years with Vodaphone – Plan. However, here or here are the cheapest for iPhone 5s price without contract.

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Well, I ever had worked for an oil and energy company in Perth, Western Australia and I assumed that 50% the whole office either use iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. It was like they had choosed the black than the white ones. I had asked one of Apple retail store in Perth, they said, normally Asian loves the whites one and western people have more choose the black ones. No need to discuss this further anyway haha.. I had no clue! 😛

Before you decide to buy this iPhone 5s, here is Pros and Cons for you to know..

iPhone 5s, price, without contract

Well, iPhone’s lovers knew that Apple’s iPhone 5s is virtually identical to that of the iPhone 5, save for the slightly different looking Home button (i.e Touch Sensor ID). They also have added a new set of colorways, including Gold. The iPhone 5s’s speaker makes much more sense as it’s positioned at the foot of the phone. Lay it flat on a surface and you can still easily hear it. If a call or text is missed the iPhone 5s can repeatedly vibrate or emit a tone. The option is user adjustable. Nevertheless, the iPhone 5s’s ability to capture 120fps at 720p (slowmo video) alone makes it a remarkable camera.

To Sum UP
I found the camera on the iPhone 5S much easier to use, with varied options. If you have an iPhone 5, the 5s is a worthy reason to upgrade for the A7, M7, and camera. Do not upgrade just for the Touch ID alone, you’ll be disappointed! If you have any iPhone below the 5, I suggest to jump ship to the iPhone 5s. It will blow your mind. The iPhone 5s is clearly more high end looking and feeling, the whites are whiter on the iPhone 5s, which can be attributed to the type of panel used on Apple’s handset; IPS. For me, It looked great, was constructed from gorgeous, premium build materials and the size is not big, too.
The iPhone 5s, however, does have a wider viewing angle, although it’s only a visible difference after a point where it become widely impractical. If performance and a high-quality camera (and/or a biometric fingerprint reader) are important to you, you like the design and colour options you should buy the iPhone 5s.