Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

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Interactive treat dispensing dog toys is not just a food dispenser for dog. But it also stimulates the dogs to play with the toys because they can smell their favorite food inside it, and curious to let it out.

How to choose the right dispensing dog toys? Well these are some list to consider before you decide to buy a  dispensing toy for your dogs:

1. Seek the most durable toys because your dogs won’t just play with it once in a week. And with that curiosity, your dogs probably want to bite or scratch it also. Consider about the materials of the toys. What kind of plastics, it’s made of? Is it easy to clean up? Is is dishwasher safe? By looking at the model you can imagine how will your dog play with it later.


2. Seek for the correct difficulty level for your dogs. For dogs which is new to this kind of toys, is better to start by choosing toys with big opening hole, so treats will easily come out and your dog will be more excited to play with it. You may consider to choose the one that has an adjustable opening hole. So whenever its becoming easier for your dog, you can make it smaller to keep the challenge at the same level. Or, if it’s not adjustable, the bigger the opening hole will be a good choice because is easier to play for starter. Later on if your dogs become more creative, you can easily use a duck tape to make the opening hole smaller.

3. Find out how the toys will challenge your dogs. The low level challenge will soon be making your dogs bored and stop playing with it. You probably want to watch some reviews, videos about the toys before buying it. Maybe you need to buy several dispensing toys with different challenge to swap just to keep your dog’s interest.

Hope you’ll find the right dispensing toys for your beloved dogs ūüôā