Homemade Dog Teething Toys

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We all know dog toys that has good standard often seems too expensive to buy, especially if you have a dog that so eager to chew on anything. You need more than one toys to keep them busy, and just in case one of the toys is damaged, there is still a spare available around.
Teething toys are the most shatterable, cause it meant to be chewed and chewed and chewed. A homemade dog teething toys will be a great idea to safe some pennies and keep your dogs happy. But before you make your own teething toys, please consider to keep in mind about the safety.

Homemade Dog Teething Toys

Here are some points to consider before you make your own teething dig toys:
1. Avoid using materials that easily break into small pieces. Small pieces might become choking hazard for your dogs.
2. Avoid using materials that too rough or too hard. These tpe of materials can hurt your dog’s gum, and brake the teeht.
3. Avoid materials that contains poisonus or something that can harm yur dogs.
4. Always beware of what you create, the shape and the materials, ’cause some dogs like to swallow things they can get tothe mouth. And if itcannot be dogested, then you will need to go to the vet to pull it out.

Here are some idea of things that can be used for homemade dog teething toys:
1. Sock
2. house hose
3. fabrics
4. plastic bottle
5. rope
6. ball

Don’t forget to remember that once you give your dogs something, they’ll think that its okay to play with that sort of thing. That’s mean, if you make a toy from an old sock, then sock is one of their play list.