Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

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Does your dog love chewing toys? Is your dog at the threshold of its ability? Are your wallet look sad every time your dog’s toys ripped apart?¬†Are you looking for the best dog toys for aggressive chewers that can hold on and do the jobs done for a couple of weeks, hopefully months? Well, life is not that simple when you have to look for dog toys for aggressive chewers. It’s like a gambling decision while choosing the the right toys. Hoping the toys you buy is indestructible, but at the same time you realize there are no such thing like indestructible dog toys, especially for a chewing monster. What you need is not just a quality dog toys. You need some tips and trick that will help the toys stay a bit longer to company your dog. Here are some recommendation and tips for you:


The most important tools that will make a dog toys last longer is your supervision. When a dog became an aggressive chewer, properly traning and sociallization will make your spooch a loving chewer with manner.
You can try to look for toys that give challenge agility, because some of chewing activity often is a result when the boredom attacks the dogs. With an extra effort that need to be done before the dog can get the toys and chew it, hopefully your pooch already too exited and also too tired to act as an aggressive chewer.
You can always calm down your dog, before giving them a chewing toys, if they look too exited. Chewing toys that give extra treats make the dog became much calmer while the treats are available. These kind of toys we often said as dispensing dog toys, are the most common dog toys in the market. Just make sure you buy the right one, dispensing toys with adjustable difficulty level is a good choice.

Here are some toys that maybe will suits for your aggressive pooch:
KONG Toy : KONG Ring Zinger Dog Toy, KONG Extreme Dog Toy, etc
Zogoflex : Hurley Dog Bone, Toppl Treat Toy, etc
Goughnuts: GoughNuts Black
Nylabone : Nylabone for Powerful Chewers
Remember to always choose the right size for your dog and supervised them ūüôā