Dog Toy Tester

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Have you ever heard “Dog Toy Tester” program? It’s a program to get discount up to 50% for your dog toys in return you’ll buy different toys in routine every one or couple of months, and let your dog test every new dog toy product. Well not every dog toy company has this kind of program, but considering about the awareness about safe dog toys, this program will give more advantage for the dog.



Choosing toys for a dog is not just about how fun is the dog playing withthw toys, but it is also how safe is the toy when its played. Basicly we need to set the same awareness when choosing toys for children and when choosing toys for dog. Small part, choking hazard, suffocation, etc. The different is there are no governant regulation that cover about toys for pet safety.
Although there are many toys that claim to be safe, made up from a good material that wo’t be easily torn apart, and a high quality toys, the price of that kind of toys are quite high.
well if the price for a good dog toys is concerning you, the joining a dog toy tester would be a good alternative for you 🙂