Disney Cinderella Castle Toy Play Set

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what is the really important for children playing with dolls? Even therapist usually using dolls when they have to work with younger children.
Well, you only will find out the answer why, if you safe some times to watch them while playing with dolls. There are so many thing that a children can learn during doll play time, depend on the type of the dolls and the children’s imagination.
They can act as the mother’s of the doll and do the motherly roles, like bathing, combing, feeding, change clothes, and even pretend to communicate wisely with the dolls, like “be a good girl” “It’s okay sweet heart”, “Time for bath”, etc, something that very common for them in the real life.


Different kind of dolls, the one that more like to be a collector item, is figurine dolls. With this kind of figurine dolls, children tends to play the scene from the movie it self. just like cinderella, some pasrts of the movie stays deep in children imagination. And that part s during the dance, when cinderella is dancing with the prince in the caslte, and when the ferry god mother turn everything she need into a carriage set to deliver cinderella.

This Disney Cinderella castle toy play set is a complete item so your children can play Cinderella with more fun. A small figurine of Cinderella and the handsome prince will make the imagination flows with the child’s imagination about the time Cinderella was dancing along with the prince, before suddenly Cinderella had to leave in a hurry by the clock is ringing.