Disney Cinderella Carriage Toy

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Maybe the best moment in Cinderella story is the time she became so sad because her dream to go to the castle is ruined. By that time everything seems so impossible tube come true. Then there was her very good mother that cheer her up and help her with some little magic. What an emotional moment, having her dreams come true, with a little magic, what else could be better?


With this Disney Cinderella Carriage Toy set, your children will have more fun to make her own Cinderella story. There may be other carriage Cinderella toys on the market around, there are carriage that can transform from a p pumpkin into a beautiful carriage, that’s a good toy too. But this play set is offering more, it has the godmother figurine, the Cinderella figurine that fits with the carriage, and two little mouse figurine also. Try to imagine your children directed the scene the moment when Cinderellas dreams became magically happened.

Hmm… maybe pretend to sound sad, pretend to cry, and pretend to be excited can’t believe what happened. There are lots of emotional turmoil that is involved in the scene, that your children can learn to understand. Trust me, if your child loves Cinderella, then she surely will like this carriage toy set.