Cons of Stem Cell Research Embryonic

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Hi good people, nice to know that you’re still  here to read the article about stem cell, hope it can clear a little bit of your mind about what you’re looking for according too stem cell research.

I have already discuss about the pros and cons of stem cell research in the article before, but it’s just an opening I think 🙂

Today we will discuss especially about cons of stem cell research embryonic, all of the people that was pro-lifers and most pro-life organizations will not accept the destruction of the blastocyst, which is a laboratory-fertilized human egg, to be the murder of human life. They believe that life is begins at conception, and the destruction of the pre-born life is morally unacceptable. They believe that it is immoral to destroy a 4-6 days old human embryo, even to save or reduce suffering of other people who was in illnesses.


Some of the people also believe that lack of attention been given to explore the potential of adult stem cells, which have already been used to successfully cured many illnesses. They also argue that there’s too little attention for the potential of umbilical cord blood for stem cell research. In this point they also said that no cures have yet been produced by embryonic stem cell therapy, while in the other side the researchers has already found the fact that embryonic stem cells is more capable of self-renewal and long – term growth.

At every step of the embryonic stem cell therapy process, decisions are made by researchers, medical professionals, scientists, and women who donate eggs, the decisions that are fraught with serious ethical and moral implications. Those against stem cell research embryonic argue that funding must be used to greatly expand adult stem cells research, to against the many moral issues related to the use of human embryos.