Cheapest iPhone 5 wallet case for women

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This is the cheapest iPhone 5 wallet case for women, it’s only under $8 well worth in value! Wow.. 🙂

cheapest iphone 5 wallet case for women iphone 5 wallet case for women

Actually my friend bought this wallet two weeks a go, she was thought that her iPhone 5c suits to this wallet, yea she was silly indeed! haha.. Yea I am so lucky, she gaves it to me while my one is almost broken in the middle of it. It was other type of brand. Overall, this case was SO adorable, and for the price quality was as expected. It is not amazing but still good bcause my one was expensive ones. Cute, isn’t it? <3

Here it is with few more options with different brand, but still well worth to buy! It’s under $10.. Wow!! 🙂