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Cheap crown molding ideas 2015

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Some people are very curious about Cheap crown molding ideas in 2015, how much the minimum and maximum prices..  It’s true that if you are building a new home or re-modelling one you already own you can never go wrong by adding architectural detail. Adding architecture detail means it can dramatically change the look of your home. At the most basic level of trim-work it would serve to hide gaps between walls and floors and gaps around windows and doors. It was in the postwar era in the 1950s that builders began to cut back on the amount of molding that went into a house so they could build them faster and cut down on the cost to build. However, new trimwork can always be added later as your needs.

If you’re in the market for buying and adding trim to your home you’ll first want to decide how large of trim you’ll be buying. For instances, if your room is very small and has low ceilings the trim you buy would not have to be a large as it would need to be in a room with higher ceilings and more square footage. The first thing you’ll want to pick out is your crown molding and also match your window casing, door casings and baseboards to the crown. The size would need to be close to the same for your room to look right. Once you’ve your molding the next thing would be to get it painted and then get ready to put it up. I don’t know if everyone paints their molding before they put it up but I do this because I think it’s much easier to lay the molding across a couple of saw horses, paint and then touch it up after it’s installed. That is just my 2 cents worth to you on how to make your task a little bit easier. Architecture molding is an expensive so take the time to research cutting crown molding angles before you start cutting.

As below are some tips that I would share with you that would help you learn how to install crown molding by yourself. The crown molding corner cuts would be your hardest to master but with a little practice you’ll be a pro in short time.

1. Placing your molding where it’s to be installed. Placing your molding in the room where it’s being installed would let it adjust to the temperature of the room and it would be used in therefore making it easier to work with.
2. Cut some small test pieces of crown molding, therefore you can see how the joints work. Use them to check the corners you are about to work in. Test pieces can tell you whether or not the corner is out of square. You can see how much you need to adjust your saw cut to make the joints work. This is much easier and a whole lost less expensive than cutting up all you molding and not getting the right angel.
3. Buy or borrow a good compound miter saw. Doing a good job in any project always goes better if you’ve good tools to work with. In fact, a very good miter saw would help your project go smoother.

Here they are the top of 5 cheap crown molding ideas 2015 for your reference:
1. The Crowning Touch
Crown molding is a visual treat that adds a touch of elegance. Crown moldings made of wood come in hundreds of profiles and can be stained, painted, or left natural. Because wood tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity, use flexible caulk at joints and seams. It will costs you around $1.50 to $45 per foot.
Credit: Branca

cheap crown molding ideas 1
cheap crown molding ideas 1 – The Crowning Touch

2. Coolest Crown
In fact, not all crown moldings look like they came from ancient Greece. These jazzed-up plaster moldings are completely contemporary. For instances, in rooms with ceilings 8 feet high or less, the upper portion of your crown molding (along the ceiling) should be longer than the bottom (along the wall). Also, custom plaster moldings and trims wiil cost you around $25-$50 per running foot and installation requires experience.
Credit: Solomon & Wu

cheap crown molding ideas 2
cheap crown molding ideas 2

3. The Triple Crown
The 3 piece crown molding on this upper kitchen cabinet matches the classic Shaker-style motif of the door casing. It is an easy DIY project featuring a slim piece of simple trim and a plain flat board topped with a 2 inch-wide piece of fluted crown. Also, you’ll spend about $15 per cabinet.
Credit: Vista Estate Imaging

cheap crown molding ideas 3
cheap crown molding ideas 3

4. The Light Fantastic
Lighted crown moldings add a soft, ambient glow and are sure-fire conversation starters. The 2-piece system has lights in the lower molding that project upward, illuminating the upper piece. It will costs you around $800 for a 12-by-12-foot room, installed.
Credit: Lynea Moldings

cheap crown molding ideas 4
cheap crown molding ideas 4

5. A Turn for the Better
Got a room with a curve? No worries mate! That’s no problem for flexible polyurethane crown molding that’ll conform to just about any shape. It’s lightweight, and accepts paints and stains. An 8-foot-long piece will costs you around $15-$30.
Credit: Carter Millwork

cheap crown molding ideas 5
cheap crown molding ideas 5