Challenging Dog Toys Big Dogs

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Having a bid dog surely need an extra effort, especially when its time to look for new toys. You can’t just buy regular cheap toys that sell in the market, those are definitely wont be last longer. The choice is to choose toys that give mentally challenging dog toys big dogs. These are things to consider before you buy any toys for big dogs:


1. Safety first. For big dog or heavy chewer, materials that made up the toys is very important. Forget about cheap plastic, rubber, or soft toys materials. You need high quality toys that wont easily be torn apart or chewed and digested. But looking for these kind of indestructible toys is almost impossible, cause very hard material will hurt the gums, while very soft material will easily chewed.

The only safe thing to do is make sure to always check your dog toys often, for holes, torn area, small pieces, etc. Keep it away soon after your dog begin to manage chewing it.

2. Stimulation. It’s well known that boredom is one of the cause a dog became destructive and annoying. That’s why dog toys that can challenge mentally or physically are good to prevent dog behavior problems. A challenging toys will keep your dogs busy and entertained for a couple of minutes. You need to be extra creative to make an ordinary tuff dog toys become a mentally or physically challenging for big dogs. Kong is one of the most recommended for big dogs or heavy chewer. Maybe you can make it more challenging for your dog by hiding the KONG that full with stuffed treats, inside a box, so your dog need to open the box, before they can reach for the Kong. That’s one simple example that you can try with your dogs. Puzzle toys is good too, but always supervised the dog while they’re using puzzle toys, because it doesn’t built up to be chewed.

Nevertheless, your creativity is the most important to keep the dogs always feel challenged. Give your dogs some job to do, or take them to a new situation, new toys every days etc, just play and figure it out what game that best for your dogs.