Cellulite laser treatment 2016

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Many treatments are advertised for cellulite – lotions, dietary supplements, liposuction, massages, wraps, mesotherapy or injecting medicine into the affected tissue, and so on. Nevertheless, none of those live as much as their claims and at the most, offer only short-term results. 
Luckily, new cellulite laser therapy gives the solution for women who’re determined to eliminate that pesky dimpled skin. Learn on to know why laser cellulite reduction with Cynosure’s unique Cellulaze™ laser expertise works extra effectively than different treatments. Unique Laser Know-how that Targets the Root Cause of Cellulite Several elements such as aging, hormones, genetics and weight acquire cause modifications within the anatomy of skin tissue which leads to the appearance of cellulite. The thighs and buttocks are the areas which are often affected. 
Cellulite occurs when connective tissue bands or septae below the skin turn into rigid and pulls down, making the fats cells to push upwards and ensuing in the cottage cheese look. Till now, treatments have targeted solely on the pores and skin’s surface. That’s why they’re ineffective. Cellulaze and its unique SideLaze expertise treat all three components of cellulite – the fibrous septae bands, the fats deposits and lax skin. Effects of Cellulaze Therapy Only a Cellulaze skilled physician is certified to perform the process using Cynosure’s unique laser workstation. 
The plastic surgeon uses the powerful SideLaze3D&commerce; Cellulaze bidirectional laser fiber to assault cellulite at it source. Just one treatment: The appearance of cellulite improves in only one session. The procedure lasts about 1-1.5 hours and is carried out under local anesthesia. So patients can go residence the same day. Bruising and swelling are minimal. The outcomes get even better over time. 
Patients have reported about 25% increase in skin thickness and about 29% increase in pores and skin elasticity after one year. Getting the Best Results for Your Cellulite Removal Surgical procedure It’s thus clear why laser cellulite reduction works more successfully than other treatments. Nonetheless, if you wish to ensure the best outcomes, it is good to discover the appropriate surgeon. As with other forms of cosmetic surgery, cellulite reduction remedy could be efficient solely in case you are in the correct hands. 
So locate a skilled and skilled Cellulaze physician who gives remedy in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery. When you do not dwell within the area where the follow is located, see in case you can set up a digital consultation. You probably have extra physique fats you want removed, discover the choice of combining liposuction together with your cellulite treatment.