Bunkie board vs Box spring

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Bunkie board vs Box spring

Picture 1, Slats give the mattress extra support as does Crate & Barrel’s Bunky Board which is a thin, supportive box spring that Aston recommends for tall beds. Well, the result is a cozy and the custom daybed that can turn into a regular bed frame with a few turns of a screwdriver.

Picture 2, this can be a Daybed inspiration. The boxspring for support, ikea foam mattress for comfort.

mattress and box spring

just so you know.. here, this bunky board vs box spring to make everyone’s clear about different thing between bunkie board and box spring.

box spring bed

This one above to make everyone’s clear, too. This is an explanation about mattress box spring.

Basically, mattress and box spring help your mattress to live longer and stay comfortable, by absorbing most of the stress and weight placed on your bed. If you prefer a bed that stands higher from the floor, to make it easier to get in and out of, for instance….. then a mattress base with legs (sold separately) may be your ideal option.