Bodies of water in the world

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One of Bodies of water in the world like in Rocky Mountain National Park as my concern, which provided great  views without a long hike are:

Bear Lake, it is easily accessible for a much broader range of disabilities and fitness levels than other trails in the park, but worth seeing for anyone. The parking lot fills up very early so plan on getting there should be before 8am. We love the trail that goes all of the way around the lake. I noticed that The front half of the lake near the parking area has hard surfaces with many areas to sit and enjoy the beauty of the lake. Wow nice!

bodies of water bear lake

bodies of water bear lake-a

bodies of water bear lake-b

Sprague Lake, it is along with Bear Lake, I reckon that Sprague Lake is the best choice for visitors with small children, handicaps, or otherwise unable to engage in the significant hikes. You can see the mother moose and baby moose and the ducks and the sunrise on the lake which reflects in the water.

bodies of water sprague lake

bodies of water sprague lake-a

bodies of water sprague lake-b

These two lakes are highly recommended for you and your family. Enjoy folks!