Best Teething Toys For Puppies

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Chewing is one of the most common behavior in puppies. They learn about the environment around them by sniffing and chewing on things. And just the same like baby human, puppies will tend to look for something to chew during their 12 weeks of age (during teething phase), when the adult teeth is going to replaced their baby teeth.

During this phase, like everything else, puppies has to be trained to chew on appropriate items. They need to learn what is and isn’t acceptable to chew.
That’s why we need to provide them some toys to chew and play with. For this purpose, we need to realized the best teething toys for puppies aren’t absolutely best for all puppies. Some toys maybe best for some kind of puppies, while other toys are best for different puppies.
So, when choosing chewing toys for your puppies, just stop listening to what best for others puppies, and start to give more attention to your puppies, so you will know exactly which chewing toys are best for them.


Select toys that matches with your puppies characteristics such us their size, activity level, and chewing habit.
First of all you must know why puppies need the chewing activity. Chewing in adult dogs helps them keep their teeth and gums healthy and it also express their natural chewing behavior. While for puppies, chewing helps to reduce their gum sore and itches during those teething period. Try to sort chewing toys that will fulfilled their need. For puppies, some recommendation said, cold ice cube or toys that can be frozen will do the trick. So choosing toys with the right materials that can be frozen will help your puppies. Off course, safety first is a must. Consider about picking the right size, so unwanted choking can be avoided. Also avoid toys that will easily break of or has small parts, cause it might get swallowed by them.

Finally, don’t forget to buy more than one toy, so your puppies can have some variation during their chewing time and having fun. Some recommendation chewing toys, that I can give, maybe puppy teething toys from Kong, Nylabone, or Petstage. But remember, your puppies is special, so please choose the right toys, that suit them personally.

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