Best fantasy books 2014

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Best fantasy books 2014

Best fantasy books 2014 as below:

Magician’s Land (Lev Grossman)

When The Magicians (the first in the trilogy) was released a few years ago, it received wide critical acclaim from magazines, newspapers and high-brow critics, but was (somewhat) panned by actual readers. This had to do with the characters who were for the most part completely self-absorbed for the entire novel. But it was an interesting subversion of the Harry Potter and Narnia books with all the cute animals made into monsters and the cast of heroes all suffering from serious depression.

City Of Stairs (Robert Jackson Bennett)

Robert Jackson Bennett is one of the most talented writers in the genre but who has, for whatever reason, been mostly overlooked by the average reader. His best book (in a string of awesome books) is his newest book City of Stairs which will hopefully bring him the acclaim and recognition he rightfully deserves. City of Stairs was one of the best fantasy books of 2014 — a sharp, startling, and wonderful mix of epic fantasy, mystery, and good old fashion adventure.

The Emperor’s Blades (Brian Staveley)

The best debut novel this year and the finest epic fantasy debut of 2014. And with so many stellar fantasy releases, that’s saying quite a bit indeed. If you like your fantasy in the flavor of a Martin book (with less grimdark) with royal siblings scattered across different landscapes with a vast and hostile world about, different kingdoms and cultures, with a mysterious inimical thread looming in the backdrop, you’ll love this one.

Few more the best fantasy books in here.

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