AT&T ringback tones for iphone

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We turn to explain what is RINGBACK TONES: When friends call you, they will hear actual song clips until you pick up the call or they are sent to Voice Mail. You can also personalize your Ringback Tones so each person or whole groups hear a specific song you set for them.

Basically, it is because ringback tones play over a cellular network, the sound files are not stored on your device. Instead, you purchase ringbacks through one of the iPhone’s carriers, which include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and also Verizon.

We jump to AT&T Ringback Tones for iphone..
Firstly, install the Ringback tones for iphone application by launching the Safari browser and entering “” (without quotes) in the address bar. Your browser displays a download page with instructions for adding the application icon to your home screen. Then, after installing AT&T Ringback Tones, launch the application and also browse the ringback categories or enter a song title or artist name in the Search box.
Furthermore, you have to tap a song title to purchase the ringback. The price is displayed on the download screen, and also AT&T charges this price, as well as a monthly 99cent subscription fee to your account. Choose a default iphone ringback tones by tapping “Set Default” and by selecting a song from your library.

AT&T ringback tones for iphone