Article on Why is Stem Cell Research Bad

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From the last article we has already discuss about the controversy of the stem cells research whether the pros or the cons, in this time we will get the more point for the article on why is stem cells research bad, from a lot of aspect, from a lot of ethnic, origin, religion and many more, hope this can be meaningfull for a lot of people and will be clarify our mind about the stem cell research, and the most important thing is….hope you can enjoy this article….:)

The biggest part of the people and scientists in this world which is said that stem cell research bad is because of the usage of embryonic stem cells in the research and the main part of stem cells therapy, but right now there’s so many source of stem cell besides the embryonic stem cells that have the most powerfull use too….thanks a lot to all of the scientists that has already working hard on their research to make a better therapy for all of the people, to make a better health and a better treatment for untreated disease using the chemical therapy.

 Article on Why is Stem Cell Research Bad

The people which is tought that embryonic stem cell research bad are believe that the embryo constitutes life because it has the potential to fully develop into a human being. Those against embryonic stem cell use believe that it is immoral and unethical to destroy one life to save another, the opponents of embryonic stem cell research compare the destruction of an embryo to an abortion.

In particular, many religious groups who are adamantly pro-life have condemned embryonic stem cell research and all of its applications By using stem cells and discarding the embryo, their thought that human life is ultimately de-valued by this act and is paving a slippery slope for further scientific procedures that similarly de-value life.. Other arguments against embryonic stem cells cite the fact that adult stem cells are the ones currently being used in therapies and thus, there is no need to even venture into embryonic stem cell territory.

But right now, there’s so many source of stem cells to be used even for research or for therapy, it could be from the plasenta of the newborn baby too, which is not disturbing the baby at all or destroy anybody, wish this research will keep moving forward for the goodness of all of the people in this world.