Android development toolkit 2015

Nowadays smartphone market is flooded. it is vitally difficult to buy good cellphone that fits your requirement, for example, this year android phones had created new revolution in smartphone market, which is now individuals want some extra in smartphone, its change into great experience utilizing Android development tools for different application in smartphone. Listed below are some of the figures that indicate the booming demand of android phones, in this year android phones shipment reach close to fifty-one percent of the smartphone OS market share. And fifty-two million new android phones have been added in to the stores person base. If the scenario will proceed the same then android definitely attain prime that of apple.

Above figures shows that at the end of this year Android developers will most likely have very massive consumer base like apple app store, for many android application development one of many key criteria in choice of a stage is the attainable reach of an apps. Earlier than Apple was absolutely the leader, with the key app store user base. But from the previous few quarters android take over the smartphone market with unbelievable gadget shipments, in second quarter android gained 47% of whole smartphone shipments, and its indicates extraordinarily profitable quarter, that may grow to be a largest gadget company. Yet nevertheless Android exceeded Apple in terms of smartphones shipped, nonetheless apple is chief resulting from main success of other handheld units like ipod and ipad contact, apple has shipped over 235 million good devices leaving android behind with 165 million rising device shipments, a number of the different related issue, substitute cycles and potential user bases apple still wins the race.

But one factor clearly exhibits that android becomes a superb competitor of apple. Still some individuals argue that android person base just isn’t akin to apple’s attributable to unbelievable success while apple has launched seven completely different handheld gadgets thus far and android today is preloaded on to at least 310 particular smartphone models with potential customizations in Operating system, With totally different android applications development , nonetheless, it’s quickly catching up the earlier largest smartphone OS, in terms of prospective app store’s arrive at. The tightening gap is but clearer if we glance into the share of every stage of the entire smartphone apps consumer base. If that state of affairs continues then by the top this yr Android can have just as many potential app customers as Apple. And full attain will no longer be a deciding issue for programmers on which stage to decide for an app.

Well I just an user and I am not a fan of them. If I make comparison between Iphone and Android, as we know that Android is a collective of many large companies. Apple is one company. And still dominating. I am not an Apple fans but this is no drama! and I think You never see Apple releasing new commercials on big Android release dates. Maybe Apple feels they’re superior and don’t need to haha.. 😛

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