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Oso is a bear that act as helping agent who will help every kids to full filled their everyday task such as cleaning their room, saying good by to friend, get on the school bus alone, etc.
In all the serial, there’s always an instruction on how to finished the task in three steps.
No wonder every children who ever watched the serial will absolutetely in love with special agent Oso.
“It’s all part of the plan”, just like Oso said in every moment he has an accident. It’s just so funny watching that cute yellow stuffed bear trying to help the children. In Three special step, and the job is done. The serial teaches children on how to do everything in planned, and step by step. And for younger children, offcourse three steps is just perfect. It’s easy to remember, and sound easy to be done. Just three special step that’s what you need.

With this unique stories, parents will easily adopt the learning method in the real life. All is needed is just an agent Oso toys.  And don’t forget to sing the song. Your children will love it sung while they play with special agent oso.

Special alert! Special alert!
Meet Special Agent Oso, the unique stuffed bear
He’s on a special assignment, to help a kid somewhere
And with help from you, there’s nothing he can’t do
He’s oh so special (Hurry special agent Oso)
Oh so special (Sounds like a plan)
When he’s on the scene, he’ll do all he can
Learning brand new skills, facing danger and thrills
It’s all part of the plan
He’s oh so special (Hurry Oso)
Oh so special (Way to go)
Special agent (special agent) Oso!