A Simple Definition of Stem Cells

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There are many definition of stem cells regarding of what we are looking for from the used of stem cells, but here, what I want to share to all of you is about a simple definition of stem cells. In a simple word we can say that stem cell is a simple cell in the body that has the ability to develop into any one of various kinds of cells ( such as skin cells, heart cells, blood cells, brain tissue, etc )

Stem Cells is a cell that has not yet acquired a special function, an unspecialized cell which is characterized by the ability to renew it self and the capability to give rise to various differentiated cell types when they acquire special function through a process called cell differentiation.

A stem cell is a generic cell that can clone and make exact copies of itself indefinitely. Stem cells can be saved and used as a later date to produce specialized cells, when we needed in order to cured someone else, but off course in a very good storage and handle with care.


A stem cells have the potential to become different types of cells in the body because stem cells have not differentiated yet. A stem cells which is taken from an embryo about 5-7 days old we called it the embryonic stem cell which is the most versatile. Embryonic stem cells can become any type of cell in the human body. Otherwise somatic stem cells also called adult stem cells, have a limited ability to change into different cells of the human body.

Another type of stem cells is made in a lab but originates from cells such as skin cells in a person’s own body, scientists then “reprogram” the cell, changing it into an undifferentiated form, which is called the induced pluripotent stem cell, this type of cells then can become almost any other cell in the human body. Here an information about What Are Stem Cells Used For In Your Body.