iphone 5 docking station alarm clock

3 Best iPhone 5 docking station alarm clock

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By now, you probably aware that there aren’t many docks for the iPhone 5. The lightning connector has changed the rules of the game and manufacturers are taking their time to produce a line of docks that would fit the lightning devices.

A lot of people use alarm clock docks. They are really great because they solve two things easily: they’re a bed-side clock that can wake you up and they charge your iPhone :P. Combining both of these saves space and adds better functionality. But if you’ve been looking for alarm clock docks for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, you’ve seen that there aren’t many. Of course, not to lose hope because some of them are on the way.

Here it is the best of 3 for iPhone 5 docking station alarm clock:

iphone 5 docking station alarm clock

1. The Philips DS1155/37 is actually a speaker dock for the iPhone 5/5s (read our post on iPhone 5/5s speaker docks). However, it comes with additional features – notably that of an alarm clock. The Philips docks for iPhone 5 and 5s have won good reviews for their fidelity and minimal style. If size be a concern, this dock would be an excellent fit for your bed-side table.

2. iHome iDL 91 Best iPad Lightning DockiHome iDL 91 is an iPhone 5/5s dock that can double up as an iPad dock with speakers and an alarm clock. The dock actually has a three-way docking port so you can charge simultaneously three iOS devices.

3. Snooze iPhone Alarm DockDistilUnion Snooze iPhone Alarm for iPhone5
Snooze was one of the popular kickstarter projects that will ship in April if you pre-order now. This Alarm dock comes with a custom app (Snooze) that runs on your iPhone. Much more than a dock, the gadget is more of an interesting way to use your iPhone as an alarm clock

Happy choosing!