24×24 concrete pavers

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24x24 concrete paversblock

These paver design can be applied to your home and surroundings are as following below:

24x24 concrete pavers see-thru view of beautiful Lake Washington

This one is a beautiful design, a water tight seal lays under the solid Vancouver Bay 24” x 24” concrete pavers covering the 600 square foot deck. Metal & Cable railings create a modern and clean appearance; allowing for an unobstructed see-thru view of beautiful Lake Washington.

24x24 concrete pavers bathroom

This one can be idea for your bathroom or may be you can apply it to your kitchen as well. I think would be great, too. The floor is a 24″x24″ textured porcelain tile, and also the tub surround is a ceramic with a metallic glaze. The tub deck and the counter on the custom vanity are concrete.

24x24 concrete pavers outdoor fireplace

This one could be the way how to get creative with concrete paving slabs. For this modern patio pavers, large square slabs of concrete define the seating area surrounding an outdoor fireplace and garden paving. Also, when you are designing with concrete, you can also leave sections open for plantings, trees or other garden features, also creating a custom look that suits your space perfectly.