21st Century Woman Shocked The World By Giving Birth To Kitten

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I really enjoyed my times when I saw many Youtubers making videos about animals these days. They create lots of funny videos, awkward about animals and so on.

Why do people keep or wants pets ?
In fact, many people have pets to substitute relationships with family members, partners, and also children. Many elderly people for instance, they like having a dog instead of being all alone at home. This is usually a lap dog, very affectionate and strokable.

Why do animals like hoomans ?
Well, in some points, whether animals can experience romantic love is unknown. But I believe that there is some evidence that they are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we can. In fact, the brains of many mammals are surprisingly similar to the human brain. Take as an example the brain of a cat.

I saw on social medias like lots of memes showed that 21st Century Woman giving birth to kitten which was so funny. As I considering my self as A Cat Lover, I ever think that my cat will turn to be a hooman someday haha
You can see this below funny video, whether it’s hoax or true..

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